Best Rowing Machines

staminaairrower2Rowing machines should be an important part of fitness routines for athletes and there are currently many brands on the market.  Every machine has its features, pros and cons which need to be weighed.  The task of making a choice can be difficult and this calls for a close study and review of the best rowing machines.  Below are some of the best rowing machines that are available on

Concept2 Model D

The Concept2 Model D rowing machine is made specifically for improved cardiovascular training.  It is good for beginners as well as athletes who are more experienced.  It has a length of 96’’, seat height of 14’’, width of 24’’ and it can accommodate a user of up to 500lbs.  The chains are made nickel while the front and rear legs are made using steel and aluminum.  It can be split into two parts for easier storage.  It is available in either grey or black.

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Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine
List Price: $102.91
Price: $102.91
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The Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 is quite popular and uses hydraulic piston resistance which engages the whole body during a workout. It has dimensions of 58.2 by 42.5 by 18.13’’ and it can be folded up for storage.  Its I-beam is made using aluminum and the frame is made using steel.  It can take up to 250 lbs of user weight, it has an LCD screen and it has up to 12 resistance levels.  Other features are two oars, a multi-functioning monitor and a resistance variation of 12 settings.  This is a top notch rowing machine for a space challenged exerciser.

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine provides a good workout for the full body and has dimensions of 53.2 by 20 by 21.5’’.  It offers up to 12 resistance levels and while using 

hydraulic resistance.  It’s made using steel and plastic and it weighs 23lbs.  It can accommodate a maximum of 220 lbs of user weight.  It comes completely assembled and it is very comfortable for such a reasonable price.  The main benefits of this economical rower are that you can exercise all areas of the body with just one workout.  It is also light weight and can be moved and stored easily.  Look to this rower as a great starting point for your exercise program.  Make sure that you keep in mind that the maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is made of ash wood and it’s made to induce fat loss in areas such as the arms, thighs, hips while also toning the whole body.  This is not your average rowing machine.  Not only does it provide a great workout with a Series 4 monitor, it is also a beautiful piece of furniture that is designed to emulate actual rowing on water.  It weighs 103.5lbs when the tank is full and it has dimensions of 82 by 22.5 by 20’’.  It makes use of water resistance and it can carry a maximum of 1000 lbs of user weight.  Only buy this rower if you are looking for the best!

You should become fully acquainted with the features and benefits of a rower before buying it.  Less expensive models may be good in certain workouts but they may not last as long due to poorer construction.  Expensive models could also not serve the purpose as well as they should.  This means that one has to compare very carefully before making a final decision.